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Vidya Balan Biography – Early Life, Personal Life, Career, and Success

Vidya Balan is India’s undisputed national treasure and one of the few versatile actors the country will ever see. She is an institution in herself who had the courage to be bold in the conventional Bollywood way yet stayed true to her unconventional self. From her stint in Hum Paanch to winning the coveted Padam Shri Award and being a judge for the Cannes Film Festival, Vidya has come a long way with few bumps. Early Life Vidya was born to P. R. and Sarawathy Balan on 1st January 1979…

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All You Need To Know About the Journey of Mithali Raj – Indian Captain and A Cricket Icon

On July 11th July she preceded Charlotte Edwards as the highest scorer of the ODI match and made her cricket craze nation proud of her. Mithali Raj is a true source of inspiration for playing a “man’s sport in the man’s world” successfully. Life has not been very smooth for her; let’s take a look at the winner’s life prior to all her achievements. Early Life Mithu, as called by her loved ones was born in Jodhpur to Dorai Raj, an Airman in the Indian Air force and Leela Raj…

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