10 Reasons a girl Should Always Date an Unsocial Guy

Have you ever had a huge crush on an unsocial guy? Do you think dating such a person will be a waste of time? You are probably a social butterfly and he always runs away from the crowd. However, there is a saying opposite attract. Love usually blossom at the most unexpected place with the most unexpected person.

Have you ever thought how the popular actress Rani Mukerji fall in love with the introverted Aditya Chopra? She is a social butterfly and if you think she married him for money, you are wrong. Find out why you should always date the unsocial guy.

1. Sexy charm

Unlike other guys, you will usually notice him wearing professional shirts or kurtas. He can wear the same Kurta for a number of occasions. He won’t shave for months and hence, he will look even sexier.

2. Out of your comfort zone

Every date with him will be completely unpredictable. Hence, you will always get the feeling of the first date. He will share with you his favorite books. In short, you can always expect some thrilling new experience with him.

3. You will love the way he is serious about you

Before you start dating each other, he will ignore you, unlike other guys. However, as soon as you get into a relationship with him, he won’t ignore you and will expect the same from you. You won’t like to play childish games of teasing him as you know he is damn serious. He is not someone who will always come begging to initiate a conversation. He wants you to be serious too.

4. You won’t have to stalk him in social media

Unlike other guys, he is not someone who will upload pictures every week and share sarcastic posts. He is busy creating his professional life and doesn’t want to share his personal life with everyone. So, instead of wasting time stalking him, you will actually chat with him over phone calls and messages.

5. He is someone you will never want to lose

He is not someone who is busy partying with his friends. He won’t dress up for anyone else but you. Doesn’t all this make him even more special?

6. He makes you feel special

If a person doesn’t talk and share his life with anyone else except you, it means you are damn special for that person and he won’t ever want to lose you. He trusts you even more than his friends.

7. Lots of romance

The people who spend more time alone are usually super romantic. Instead of giving you roses and putting FB status, he will chat with you daily and his sweet replies are super romantic.

8. Good news- He won’t cheat you

He won’t flirt with your friends or cousins. He is serious about you and doesn’t want to lose you ever. He is a keeper.

9. He won’t criticize you

The person who didn’t care about what other people think of his antisocial behavior and who has experienced a lot of criticisms in his life won’t ever criticize his loved one. He will love you even after you become skinny or ugly because he loves you and not your look.

10. He is not cool, he is hot

You are dating a mature guy. He will protect you, guide you, and love you with all the passion. Just hold on to this guy.